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Dr Justin Morgenstern and Damian Roland do a deep dive into the latest data around Paeds Seizure management after Eclipse and Consept trials were published.


Or maybe there is a better way?

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Another instalment of the journal jam with Justin Morgenstern.

This month we talk neonatal sepsis, nocebos, Pink Ladies, fever, tramadol, chin lacs and drinking strategies....

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This is a discussion on the recent CREDENCE trial for canagliflozin in diabetics with nephropathy.


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This is a discussion with Dr Roger Browning (Obstetric Anaesthetist) about his approach to the crashing GA Caesarean scenario.

You can hear more of his pearls at the ObsGynae CritCare podcast 



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Sadly, the final SMACC conference danced its last moves on Friday. It was an amazing week with lots of learning, inspiration and camaraderie. After the last SMACC in Berlin Justin and I resolved to try and create the best journal club ever at the final SMACC in Sydney.... and I reckon we have done it!

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Dr Adam O'Brien and Claire Lissaman are the authors of a new study looking at the diagnostic characteristics of lung US for Paediatric pneumonia.

In this interview we talk about the study and how to scan kids with chest disease.

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In this episode Justin and I cover bad science about Xa reversal, good science about sharks, syncope and how to cheat Death.... amongst other random serious stuff

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The latest instalment of the RADU / Broomedocs podcast.

GA Caesarean thoughts

Minimalist desert island appendix anaesthesia

Frusemide mythology

A tricky case for the team

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