Broomedocs Podcast (audio podcast)

This month we cover biases, show our biases about bronchiolitis therapy, cute scrotums, judging and dealing with capacity and how butt-slapping might help you delouse your colleagues....

[DISCLAIMER: we do not recommend that extradural hemorrhage ever be treated with an Ezy-IO drill, it is silly and dangerous.]

If any of that sounds like your deal then have a listen.  If you are super patient and listen all the way through there is a real treat for you....

... a world premiere musical parody song by Dr. Gerry Considine and yours truly. ( we are kinda like Elton & Bernie)


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In this month's episode Justin and I cover chest pain, LPs, nebulised furosemide and of course the sport of Quidditch

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A new project - a Rural Anaesthesia Journal Club.  Bringing the gas data to the bush.

This episode features Dr Alex Harris

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We are back!  Yes, once again I am joined by my Canadian buddy Dr Justin Morgenstern to bring you a rough guide to Justin's favourite papers of the month. #FOAMed

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This episode I reflect upon a really tough airway case.

I have asked a number of airway gurus from the FOAMed community to comment on the logistics and plan to manage this case.


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Welcome back to the Journal Club with Dr Justin Morgenstern.  It has been 2 months since we last dusted off the papers on Justin's bedside table... but like a mythical (nerdy) Sisyphus Justin must push another load of evidence out into the ether in order to go back and start the whole process again.

This episode is on steroids.  I mean it is largely about steroids, not actually "on steroids" but there is a sprinkling of other stuff and a bit of philosophical banter about machine learning at the end.

So sit back, grab a beverage and tune in for another hour of evidence and education from our corners of the world.

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NEWS: I am launching a new podcast segment

The working Title is: Rob's Probs and Casey's Cases  (Ed: may change if we come up with something better)

The new podcast series is all about CLINICAL REASONING.  Exploring how we think through a diagnosis or problem.  In order to do this I have teamed up with Dr Rob Park, a Queensland GP from the "Sunny Coast"

Here is episode 1.

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Hi all

The latest episode of the journal club features an ecclectic bunch of papers of variable quality presented by two minds of variable quality!!

We cover alcohol levels, ear tubes, eyelid injuries and HUGS!

Enjoy, Casey

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A ripper of a journal club episode.  Recorded live in Berlin at the DasSMACC conference last week.  Justin and I invited a cast of superstars to share a drink over the mike and discuss an eccectic bunch of papers.


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